Reputation Edit

Reputation affects how NPCs view you. Each point earned in reputation increases Attitude by 5, lowering the cost of trading with merchants.

Reputation is gained when you complete certain quests.

The Altruism trait increases reputation by +2.

Quests with Reputation Rewards Edit

  1. Fire! Fire! Fire!
    +1 Rep when you put out the fire.
  2. Elf-Orc Blood Feud
    +1 Rep if you choose to have the Elf arrested.
  3. The Scaredy Pact
    +1 Rep when you report back to Aureus (EE: Silenia)
  4. The Lost Archaeologist
    +1 Rep when you report back to Aureus. (EE: Silenia)
  5. Cecil's Mighty Staff / The Staff of Perginom
    +1 Rep if you return the staff to Mayor Cecil.
  6. The Undead Scourge
    +1 Rep when you report back to Aureus
  7. Crabs Versus Skeletons
    +1 Rep as soon as you kill Pontius.
  8. The Skeleton King's Summoner
    +1 Rep when you report back to Arhu.
  9. Bicky The Bomber
    +1 Rep if you kill Bicky without harming the hostage.
  10. The Escort Job
    +1 Rep once Bjorn and party reach Silverglen safely.
  11. The Councillor's Wife
    +1 Rep at the end of this quest, if you tell Aureus to free Esmeralda from prison after found out the truth.
  12. +1 rep when you kill all the orcs in hunter's edge ( talk with a surviving mountain warrior and complet the dialogue once all orcs are dead).

You can also lose reputation when you get caught stealing a merchant or trying to free prisoners in north immaculate village.

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