Rescue Lanilor the Elf from his icy prison is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest: Rescue Lanilor the Elf from his icy prison
Speak to Lanilor
Enter Mardaneus' house via the cellar
Speak to Mardaneus


Once the cutscene of Mardaneus freezing Lanilor in ice has completed, speak to Lanilor who will advise you that there is a way into Mardaneus' house through the cellar via the well to the east.

Upon entering the cellar, travel south through the cellar to the southern most room, which has a ladder by the north-west wall which leads into the house. Once the Lucian enters the house, Mardaneus will speak with them, asking if they are an agent of Thelyron Hashnitor.

Progress through the conversation and eventually, Mardaneus and the Hero will walk outside. Mardaneus will then dispel the ice, releasing Lanilor.


  • 1000+ Experience points.


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