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Restoration Potions are a type of potions in Divine Divinity.


White potions in glass flasks. When consumed, they restore % amount of Vitality and Magic. They can be created by combiningHealth Potions and Magic Potions and improved with Augmentor.

They can also be combined with Stamina Potions to create Elixir Potions.


Potion Effect Value Weight
Minor Restoration Minor Restoration Restores 50% of Vitality and Magic 100 1
Restoration Potion Restoration Potion Restores 100% of Vitality and Magic 300 3
Super Restoration Super Restoration Restores 100% of Vitality and Magic 1000 5


Potion Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Minor Restoration Minor Restoration DD Minor potion Minor Healing DD Minor Magic Minor Magic
Restoration Potion Restoration Potion DD Healing Healing Potion DD Magic Potion Magic Potion
Minor Restoration Minor Restoration Augmentor Augmentor
Super Restoration Super Restoration DD Super Healing Super Healing Potion DD Super Magic Potion Super Magic Potion
Restoration Potion Restoration Potion Augmentor Augmentor


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