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Restore Mardaneus' sanity is a main quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Obtain the quest from Joram.
  • Head to Mardaneous' house to watch the cutscene.
  • Free Lanilor from his icy prison.
  • Open the entrance to the catacombs by pointing the four dragon statues in the center of town to the north.
  • Go down to the last level of the catacombs.
  • Pull the northeast lever in the center room.
  • Talk to Thelyron Hashnitor.
  • Escape the skeletons by going out of the room and talking to Mardaneus.
  • Step through Mardaneus' portal.

Detailed Walkthrough[]

This is the first quest in the game, it is acquired by speaking to Joram in his house, where Lucian wakes up.

After talking to Joram head southwest and watch the cutscene where Mardaneus freezes Lanilor. After the cutscene, speak to Lanilor who will ask to be freed from his icy prison.

Unlock the Entrance to the catacombs beneath Aleroth[]

Once Lanilor has been freed, he will mention some catacombs underneath Aleroth. Head east to the statue with 4 smaller dragon statues around and point them north. This will result in the statue being lifted off its base and Lanilor will appear again, thanking Lucian for freeing him and giving him a teleporter pyramid.

Upon entering the catacombs, head through the door on the southern wall. on a plinth surrounded by candles a note from Mardaneus can be found, warning of the perils of the catacombs. To proceed one must unlock the door on the eastern wall, which is opened by the lever next to the doorway Lucian just passed through. Traverse the halls and rooms collecting the magic orbs to activiate the portal in the south eastern room. As Lucian travels through the catacombs he will encounter hostile skeletal warriors and skeletal archers.

Upon reaching the passage immediately south of the room with the plinth, Lucian will meet Smiruk and his group of orcs who are seeking the magic axe, Slasher. After speaking with them continue through the passage and the door to the north. In here are three pentagrams upon which a magic orb must be placed, opening the portal to access the room in the north eastern corner.

Head down the stairwell and to the northwest of the second floor. Enter the room in the northwest corner and go down the stairwell, dealing with the skeletons along the way (including a skeletal lord in the room with the stairwell). On the third floor the entrance down is in the right hand central coffin, which is locked. In order to open the coffin, the 4 coffins on the raised levels on this floor must be opened. With each coffin opened, Lucian will be faced with a horde of skeletons, alongside a skeletal lord, skeletal guardian or a ghoul. Once the coffins have been opened and the hordes dealt with, proceed down to the fourth floor. On the fourth floor, head east then south through the passage. Pass through the door on the southern wall and head east again. Follow the passage south again and towards the end a cut scene between two skeletal warriors, having an existential discussion, will ensue. Once the cutscene is finished, go through the door on the western wall (the one to the east will take you to the second teleporter pyramid). In here there is another stairwell, head down and go due south into the central chamber.

Help the Dead Necromancer[]

Upon entering the central chamber, Desmond will tell Lucian that the skeletons are having trouble resurrecting Thelyron Hashnitor. This is because the skeleton who is to pull the lever of strength has decomposed. Head to the north west corner and pull the lever, thus resurrecting Thelyron. Upon his resurrection he will initially be grateful and allow Lucian to leave without being assaulted by his undead legion, however he will soon realise that the resurrection has not gone as anticipated and begs to be killed. Either agree and kill him or refuse and he will initiate combat, resulting in him dying regardless.

Upon his death legions of undead will appear and any attempt to destroy the legion will almost certainly result in Lucian's death (although it is possible to fight them all). Head north, back out of the central chamber and Mardaneus will appear, eliminating the horde in an instant. After a brief converation with him, pass through the portal, which will take both Mardaneus and Lucian back to Mardaneus' house.


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