Restore Mardaneus' sanity is a main quest in Divine Divinity.


This is the first quest in the game, it is acquired by speaking to Joram in his house (Above where you wake up).

After talking to Joram head southwest and watch the cutscene where Mardaneus will freeze Lanilor. Once the cutscene has ended, speak to Lanilor who will ask that he is freed from his icy prison.

Unlock the Entrance to the catacombs beneath AlerothEdit

Once Lanilor has been freed, he will make mention of some catacombs underneath Aleroth. Head east to the statue with 4 dragon dragon statues and point them to the north. This will result in the statue being lifted off this base and Lanilor will appear again, thanking the Hero for freeing him again and will give them a teleporter pyramid.

Help the Dead NecromancerEdit

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