Retrieve the magic axe called Slasher is a side quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Smiruk
  • deliver any axe, hoping it would be Slasher
  • if success, you get reward. If Lucian fails to deliver correct axe TWICE, Smiruk and orcs will attack.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After speaking to Smiruk on the first floor of the catacombs (in the south west), who asks Lucian to retrieve Slasher for him. Continue through the catacombs to the second floor. Once here, head out the north or western door and enter the small room immediately the to the west (the door way is on the western side). On the floor here is a tile marked with a star, denoting the entrance to the sub level of the third floor. Upon reaching this level the will be a fight with several skeletal warriors, archers and a lone skeletal guardian. On a pedestal to the south of the floor there is an axe, which is slasher. Take the axe and return to the first floor and give it Smiruk, who will test it out on Vradnir. If axe what player gives is not Slasher, Smiruk is less than pleased. After this Smiruk will advise Lucian not to follow and depart with the rest of his clan via the ladder.

Also, it should be noted that player gives ALL axes to Smiruk for testing, losing all in process.


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