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Rhode is the Commander of the Dragon Slayers.


A veteran of the Dragon Slayers, in 1300AD Commander Rhode leads the future Dragon Knight as a slayer initiate to their initiation at Farglow to complete the ritual allowing them to transition from initiate to slayer. While the initiate is completing the ritual, she receives information advising that the last dragon knight has been spotted in Broken Valley and has been given orders to join the hunt for their prey.

Upon arrival at the village, she remains within the barracks making small talk with Lieutenant Louis, whilst the newly fledged slayer makes confirmations of the sightings. Once the sightings have been confirmed, she sends the initiate below the chapel to face the ghost within its catacombs.

As the initiate emerges successful, with Arben's Sword in hand, she has confirmed a further sighting of the dragon. Taking the legendary sword from the initiate and leaving them in the village to continue to adjust to the dragon memories and sets off with the remaining slayers to hunt the dragon.

Rhode finds her quarry and engages the last dragon knight in battle, mortally wounding, but not killing Talana; who escapes to find the initiate and transfer her powers to them. Rhode next continues to Maxos Temple, where the initiate, now turned dragon knight catches up to the unit. On their reunion, Rhode senses the transition the initiate has undertaken and brands them a traitor. She returns Arben's sword to the knight, instructing Marius to take down their turned comrade once and for all.

Following her departure from Maxos Temple, Rhode travels to Aleroth to assist in the city's defence from the undead within. During the defence, she comes to face the Dragon Knight once again with the champions at her side; here, she insists to the champions that the Knight is here to hinder, not help, but after they refuse to accept her word over the Knight's. With her refusal to stand down, the champions have her imprisoned at the order of Captain Angharad.

Rhode is eventually released from prison and tasked with finding Behrlihn below Aleroth. Here she encounters Bellegar, who turns her to stone so she cannot complete her objective.

Interactions with the Player Character - Ego Draconis[]


Mind reading[]

We don't have time for mind games, Slayer!
Outside of Farglow
Do your job quickly and do it well. We need to destroy this Dragon Knight as soon as possible.
In the Broken Valley Village Barracks

Related quests[]

  • The Farglow Connection - the quest is given by Rhode and the Knight has to report to her after completion
  • Chasing the Dragon - the Knight receives this quest from Rhode and has to report to her after completion

Interactions with the Player Character - Flames of Vengeance[]


Related Quests[]

  • To find a Wizard - the Knight must go to Prancing Seahorse to meet up with Rhode


Development notes[]

  • Rhode was once planned to hand the initiate a bag of coins and advise them of the mind wipe before sending them into Farglow.[1]


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