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For Character in Divine Divinity, see Richard (Divine Divinity).

I am a Champion of Aleroth, defender of the Healer City. You won’t find better soldiers in Rivellon, Slayer. Not even those of your order, I might add. And certainly not those New Order softies. Them and their damned devoutness! Just go find something to kill already!

Richard is a Champion of Aleroth, residing at Broken Valley village in 1300 AD.


Defender of the Healer City and father of Anne. An arrogant proud and quite well known champion who claims that his order has the best soldiers in comparison to the Dragon Slayers and Seekers. He ventured into Broken Valley to make some profit by hunting goblins whose hearts are used by healers in Aleroth.

When Damian launches his assault, Richard is killed by one of the Black Ring's dragons.

Interactions with the player character[]



These peasants are so gullible. The hearts they fetch me are worth three times as much back home!
This knowledge can be used to increase his payments from 50 gold to 150 gold each.
Ha! The New Order will have to work overtime if it seeks to replace the number that met me and chose to try and prove their mettle!
At Jackson's Farm if the Slayer side with him during the quest New Order or Champion Chaos?

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