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A crumpled page torn from a biography of the Surrey family.

Ripped Page is a note in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Obtained from Qanna, the petrified tomb raider in the crypt guarded by Andras the dog. directly southeast of Ryker's manor.


[The page looks to have been ripped out of a larger tome.]

... said by locals to be a shard of the infamous weapon knows as Anathema - and perhaps even responsible for causing Johanna Surrey's descent to madness. If the ageing dowager was ever aware of the family heirloom's value, she never let it on.

In the months before her death, Johanna's mind was lost to hate and hallucination. She would come to mysteriously chant 'Two, One, Three!' at the few servants that remained as they attended to her bizarre beauty rituals. By the...

[You notice the same succession of numbers mentioned in the text has been scribbled in the page's margins: 2-1-3.]