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Divinity 2 Risk Life for Limb - Xanlosch and Isabelle

Xanlosch and Isabelle

Risk Life for Limb is a quest given by Jonelath for the second upgrade to the Necromancer's Ring of the Battle Tower. You must find and defeat Xanlosch (level 27) and his creature Isabelle and take a limb from her to bring it back to him.

Xanlosch is located in Stone's Flying Fortress near the teleporter that takes you to Stone. The shield generator near him prevents you from taking Dragon Form and if you destroy it before defeating him, he will call out two fighting buddies in the air named Lord Wahat and Admiral Mirihim who will attack you from the air. Watch out for his arrows as they can be deadly.

Xanlosch drops Ulthring's Gauntlets if you perform a mindread before killing him.


Bugs Edit

  • You might not want to take out the shield generator by Xanlosch from afar with a bow and then take dragon form immediately after dialogue to take out the two flying enemies Lord Wahat and Admiral Mirihim who appear before letting Xanlosch talk to you again. This may cause him to call out for their aid after their death, turning Xanlosch and his creature into non-hostile, non-interactive, and non-killable NPCs, thus preventing completion of the quest.