Rivellon is the world within which Divinity takes place.

World map

Presented initially in Divine Divinity as 4 key areas, Ferol consuming the majority of the northern section of the map is dominated by humans, with the exception of the Vedistis' underground which is largely occupied by the lizards, the mountain range Tanoroth to the west, the native home of the dwarves, who also have a single outpost within Ferol itself. To the south is the dark forest of Teneb Tiriel, home of the elves, who also maintain an outpost on the Teneb Tirel/Ferol border. In the south east is Yuthul Gor, the domain of the orcs, which is the only location not seen in the game itself.

Divinity II saw the introduction of Broken Valley and Orobas Fjords to the west of Tanoroth and due south of Aleroth, Farglow is located. Based on its location on the eastern side of Tanoroth and its southern position, Farglow is nestled to the west of Teneb Tirel. In the waters to the south west of the mainland, Sentinel Island sits.

With Divinity: Original Sin taking place 1000 years before Divine Divinity, it is not possible to discern if Cyseal, Silver Glen and Luculla Forest are truly distinct from the locations we already know of, or if in fact, they been abandoned and replaced with other civilisations.

In Divinity: Original Sin 2 we see the introduction of Reaper's Eye, Reaper's Coast, Dragon's Spine, Stormdale and Arx.

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