It's a piece from the Rivellon Guards Set from the Dragon Knight Saga game.

"The Rivellon Guards are plentiful in number, being the prime protectors of the many villages that dot the glades and vales, but that does not mean they are not a force to be reckoned with, even individually. For without them mankind would be doomed to fall prey to many, many foes that threaten civilisation. Dragon Slayers and Aleroth Champions may form the fists of the human military body, but the Rivellon Guards, they are the backbone.

Guard armours have to be versatile as they must serve under many conditions: they must be light enough to be worn all day, but strong enough to withstand blade and arrow; flexible enough to be able to chase brigands up mountain paths and through thick forests, but up to the challenge when their wearer is ambushed by a troll or goblin raiding party. Striking a balance between so many requirements is not easy, but years of tradition have supplied the Rivellon Guards with the best of the best."