Each of these books contains a multitude of sonnets that depict important events in the history of Rivellon. The most popular one in this volume is:

On the Death of Ygerna

In Damian's life there came a witch,

Who showed him deeply hidden powers,

Inside of him a dark soul'd twitch,

Ygerna knew: he'll son be ours

A Black Ring's envoy was this lady fair,

Bid to unleash the slumbering Devil.

Together they'd form the conquering pair,

Together in blood and war they'd revel.

The Divine One yet exposed her internet,

And brought down the blade upon her neck.

She had to die without lament:

Only death can keep the Ring in check.

Thus love's emise caused the Damned One's eruption

Could not compassion have checked his corruption?

John Thornlair