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Rivertown is the capital of the dukedom of Ferol.


Set amid a "pretty network of villages and farming communities", the chief export of Ferol is farm produce, as the ducal fields are "among the most bountiful in Rivellon".[1]

The earliest recorded record of Rivertown is from 611 AD, when the longest period of battle between the Legion of the Damned and the League of the Seven took place;[2] even by this time the town was well established.

During the second assault of Chaos on Rivellon in 611 AD, the town had to be evacuated to ensure the League had the best vantage point from which to defend from. Even with this vantage point, the League was pushed back to Stormfist Castle.

Rivertown survived the assault and continued to be occupied until 1218 AD, when the town was brought to its knees by a plague. At the same time the Aleroth Healers to the north west of Rivertown had also lost the power of Source and were limited in their ability to help treat the plague; furthermore, there were orc raids and trolls on the west side of the bridge from Aleroth, making support near impossible until Lucian makes contact with General Alix who arranges for military escort for the healers.

This escort alone was not enough to contain the plague. Lucian returns to Rivertown to assist the healers, gaining access to the quarantine area and establishing the root cause.

By 1300 AD, Rivertown has become the headquarters for the Seekers and Dragon Slayers who have their own academy within the city.


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Notable inhabitants[]

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