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Rivertown Market is a great trading hub in Ferol.


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Focused on bartering, there are many shops and merchants. The middle portion is reserved for food mercants, and there is also hatch down to Rivertown Sewers.

The main merchant buildings are placed around the middle part. Going clockwise there is an unoccupied house, the apothecary, Blake's General Store, Ars Magicana, Geoff's Hardware, Rivertown Armoury Shop, and Doctor Elrrath's House.

Lieutenant Robin is stationed between Ars Magicana and Blake's General Store. There is also a vast number of soldiers. Tingalf can be found right next to Geoff's Hardware, and Marcus, along with Moll, is standing right at the southern entrance.

Behind Ars Magicana an augmentor grows, and a teleporter and unfinished pit can be found. Another augmentor can be found due east, next to Romeo's House.

Notable inhabitants[]

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