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Rivertown Sewers is a sewer network underneath Rivertown.


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Being a sewer, the place is dark, with a wide varriety of Lizards and Undead.

Coming from Rivertown Market, to the east is storage area, with a vast number of containers, some of which are locked and trapped. On top of one of the boxes is Bronze key, which opens the leftmost flat-lid chest in the nothern row.

This place is also involved in the black market mystery quest chain in Rivertown Market.

Right to the west of the entrance from Rivertown Market ladder is a big cask of beer. West of there is a skeleton, apparently a torture victim. Most likely the ghost nearby is a victim too. Even more west, before the crossroads, a Restoration skillbook can be found in a ravine. It needs Telekinesis to reach it.

A Summon Skeleton skillbook is also found on top of the barrels.

South from the crossroads is another batch that needs Telekinesis to reach, and further on from this batch is a skillbook for Spellshield. Along the way there are Greater Ghouls, spidermine traps and Lizards.

Northwest of the Greater Ghouls is a small room containing a number of potions. Due west from the potion room is another treasure room, which is guarded by a variety of Lizards, including Fanatic Lizards.

At the most southern reach a small room with treasure can be found, but there is also a vast number of Scorpions and Steel Scorpions there as well. Before this room a single Steel Scorpion is encountered.

Near this Scorpion room is also a small number of jewels.

Otherwise there are Garbage, Broken Bottles, Rotten Food, Fish and variety of containers like Barrels and Chests around.

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