The rogue is a class in Divinity: Original Sin and the Enhanced Edition.


The job was supposed to be simple: Break into the vault, take the gold. The Rogue hadn't bothered to ask whose vault and whose gold it was - such questions were irrelevant.

Cold, thick steel and shining, precious gold had no human element, after all. One could be coaxed into yielding, and the other could be delivered to whomever had ordered the job in exchange for a small fee or, on particularly ill-fated occasions, the Rogue's life.

This job was, unfortunately, the latter.

The vault's internal mechanism clicked small high- and low-pitched sounds, satisfying to the practiced ear. A few more manipulations, and- success! The rogue pulled open the great, heavy door just enough to slip inside. Noiselessly, filling a satchel with gold, the thief had no time to react to the heavy hands that seized both busy shoulders.

'Well done,' it said, turning the Rogue to face the voice's owner. 'But anyone so adept with a lockpick should be working for the realm, not against it.'

'You managed to catch me,' the Rogue replied.

'I'm the Grand Master of the Source Hunters,' he laughed.

'I can catch anyone.'

Starting statisticsEdit


  • Dexterity: +2
  • Speed: +2
  • Perception: +1


  • Scoundrel: +1
  • Single-handed: +1
  • Sneaking: +1
  • Pickpocketing: +1
  • Lockpicking: +1


  • Guerrilla
  • Back-Stabber

Starting SkillsEdit

  • Razor's Edge
  • Walk in Shadow
  • Fast Track

Class Specific Starting Equipment (EE)Edit

  • Smoke Grenade
  • Source Hunter's Armour
  • Fighting Knife x2