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Roy's Menagerie is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


  1. Speak to Roy and find out that the animals are going to be sacrificed.
  2. Tell Doreen that Roy is leading them to the slaughter (3150 XP).
  3. Tell Timfred, the rabbit, that he will be slaughtered. Timfred and he will flee and you will receive -25 attitude from Roy.
  4. Speak to Roy for two choices:
    • Pay 1300 gold to Roy to purchase the animals for +1 Altruistic (3150 XP).
    • Decline to pay 1300 gold for +1 Egotistical.
    • Win the RPS game (Reason for +1 Context Bonus, 3150 XP + 5145 Charisma XP).
    • You can also kill Roy (2865 XP) if you refuse to pay and fail the RPS game to progress in the quest.
  5. Talk to Doreen for two choices:
    • Seek new pastures (Phantom Forest) for +1 Bold (4500 XP).
    • Return to Cyseal for +1 Cautious (4500 XP).
  6. Speak to Dorreen again either back in Cyseal or in the Phantom Forest. She will give you the location of a secret chest.


  • If the quest is not resolved right away, Roy and the animals will disappear after a short while. After speaking to people in Sacred Stone, you will find out that the animals were sacrificed and the quest will end without reward.
  • You can find Timfred at Otherworldly Hollow where Troll King resides.


  • 3150 XP + 3150 XP + 4500 XP
  • +1 Altruistic or 5145 Charisma XP
  • +1 Bold or +1 Cautious
  • Location of secret chest


  • You need to have the Pet Pal talent in order to get this quest.