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The royal tomb[1] is a dungeon accessed from Cyseal beach. The tomb itself is designed for players to get used to the game's mechanics.


The tomb where the ancient kings and queens of Cyseal were buried before Source was banished,[2] it was left in the care of Ragequin, the gravekeeper. Among the tomb's contents was a Blood Stone that was stolen by the Immaculates in 4AR.


Upon entering the tomb, the path is linear, heading down the steps in a north eastern direction there is a bone pile on each altar in the north west arches. There is also a rat within this area. To the north east there is a locked chest on the ground that can be broken with two strikes.

Taking the steps to the southeast leads to a bridge over a chasm with crates and barrels blocking the path to the other side; either move or destroy the obstruction to move forward and up the stairs on the other side. At the top of these stairs is an explosive mine which can be remotely detonated with range weapons or magic, or a trap disarming kit if one is available; walking past the mine without triggering it is also viable option due the large open space either side of it.

Once past the mine the area opens up in to a room with the north east and southwest sides slightly raised. In the centre of the room is the kings tomb (X: 98, Y: 476) containing the old parchment. Taking the north east steps there is a locked burial chest (X: 77, Y: 492) with vases either side, either break the chest open, or retrieve the key from under the vase. On the southwest side is another chest (X: 104, Y: 453) that can be broken open or the lockpicks on the alter to the left (X: 102, Y: 451) can be used to open it. Head past the tomb and up the steps to seemingly dead end and approach the northern wall, a button (X: 123, Y: 478) will be revealed that opens the path. Follow the new pathway to a locked door and either knock it down or pick the lock.

Once through the door, head down the steps to find a fire resistance potion on the wall to the left where the stairs temporarily flatten out. Continuing to the bottom of the stairs turn left and ahead the ground is aflame due to the fallen coal baskets. Before heading up there is a Rain scroll on the alter to the northwest and a water barrel to the southeast; both of these can be used to extinguish the flames. There are also water barrels around the flames that can be used, although a ranged weapon/magic user will be needed to target the central barrel. Once up on this plateau there are three crates and a set of lockpicks to the south east (X: 180, Y: 460), to the northwest is a locked ornate chest with an explosive mine in front of it; there is a trap disarm kit to the right (X: 141, Y: 465). The lockpicks and the trap disarm kit will ensure safe access to the chest, but there is also a key in the vase behind the chest and trap disarm kit (X: 138, Y: 464). Continuing down the other side to the southwest the path splits off to the southeast and northwest, there is also an alcove immediately behind the northwest path where a green fishing rod can be found. To the southeast is a locked stone gate which can opened with the lever to the right of it (X: 185, Y: 432); there are also some lockpicks in this area (X: 177, Y: 436). Heading northwest instead, a Fireball scroll can be found (X: 154, Y: 450) and beyond this a poison gas cloud is blocking further travel and must be dispelled with flames first then wait for the flames to burn out or be doused with water. Using a fire based Staff of Magus will dispel the cloud without the flames replacing them. Past the cloud is a chest containing the key to the stone gate to the south east.

Passing through the stairwell and turning left leads to a path that is obstructed by two poison clouds and a pool of poison; these must be dealt with to pass, however, attempting to blow them up will result in them returning shortly after. Carefully approaching the barriers will reveal that there is an outlet in the centre of each one; placing a barrel or vase on each vent will cause the barrier to clear. To the right of the barriers is an alcove with an unlocked chest inside. Continue along the path and it will make a turn to the right down the stairs; here the voices of two buried mummies working for Ragequin can be heard arguing over the damage one of them caused to a tomb. If they spot the party a battle will ensure, however, they are standing in a pool of oil, which, if ignited, will eliminate them both; there is a Fireball scroll at the bottom of the stairwell near them which could be used to that effect, or dropping a candle into the pool will ignite the oil without the party being detected if they are sneaking. Turn southwest and into the main chamber, which appears to be a dead end. On the ground behind the central altar are two square switches (X: 230, Y: 460 and X: 225, Y: 460). While these switches are pressed down a gate will drop in the wall allowing passage, but the moment one switch is depressed the gate will slide back into place; there are several vases nearby than can be used to hold the switches in place.

Passing through the gate there is an altar on the left with two arrow shafts, a cooking pot, a hammer, a minor intelligence potion and a stunning arrowhead. Turning right results in a dead end, so the only option is to turn left and take the stairs. Turning left at the top of the stairs leads to two stone gateways, to the front of the gateway on the left is another floor switch; standing on it will open the right gate, but stepping off will close the gate and using vases etc do not provide enough pressure to keep the gate open. With one party member on the switch, have the other pass through the open gate; just on the other side is another switch that brings down the opposite gate so the one left behind can pass through. With the party reunited, travel forward towards the tomb and the two arches behind it; the tomb will open and Ragequin will appear. After engaging in conversation with him, combat will ensue with him and his awakened archers; once defeated, Ragequin will drop an ancient stone gate key. Pass through the arches behind his tomb and turn right to take the stairs up to the ancient stone gate and out of the tomb.


  1. Mentioned by the Source Hunter's when encountering the Kings Tomb
  2. Rat in area past the knocked over coal braziers.