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Duke Ruben Ferol is a battlemage and the representative of the wizard race during the second assault of the Damned in 611 AD.


Ruben Ferol is the son of Hark Ferol, who quelled the first assault of the Legion of the Damned, led by the Lord of Chaos thirty years prior. At the time of the second assault on Rivellon, Ruben was the representative of the League of Seven for the wizard race.

Following six months of assault by the Damned and the forced retreat to Stormfist Castle Ruben conjured a plan to defeat the Lord of Chaos and his second in Command, Ulthring. With heavy casualties to the League's forces, an orchestrated assault and choreographed retreat allowed the League to separate Ulthring and Chaos from the Legion; as Ulthring and Chaos led the charge following the retreat of the League, the League was able to manoeuver behind them and engage the Legion forces, while the League's leaders and Ruben's apprentice, Ralph, engaged the leaders of the Legion. Following the death of the other six leaders, Ruben stood defiantly in front of Chaos, who plunged his arm into Ruben, killing him; however, this final act completed the divine ritual and Ruben's blood on the demon lord turned a brilliant white, destroying his physical form.

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