Your runners are people that you can send to collect resources for you. You have three runners, Tom, Dick and Harry, who can be found in the Throne Room of the Battle Tower. Each can only collect one type of item, but can bring back more than just one of that specific item.

At first your runners will be poorly armed and armored. They can be upgraded six times, three times each by your Skill Trainer (weapon) and three times each by your Enchanter (armor). Each upgrade gets progressively more expensive than the last but the better equipped your runners are the more likely they will be able to complete the mission in success and the quicker they'll be able to do the ingredient runs. The first upgrade costs 1,000 gold, the second 2,000 gold, and the final upgrade costs 4,000 gold.

The upgrades are well worth the investment as you can easily make money by continuously sending Dick and Tom out for Diamonds and Malachite Ore respectively and then selling the items. Just send them on their missions, leave the Tower and return and they'll be waiting.

Herbs (Harry) Edit

Battle Tower runners cannot be ordered to acquire Drudanae herbs.

Ores (Tom) Edit

Gems (Dick)Edit

Battle Tower runners cannot be ordered to acquire Malachite Gems.