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Saheila is an elven sourcerer interned at Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Saheila is a hiding with other elves and children in the Caverns. She was blinded after having her eyes stolen. Thanks to her far-seeing powers Saheila is viewed as an elven seer and knows what future will unfold.

She managed to escape Fort Joy and arrive at Reaper's Coast, however she was eventually abducted by the Lone Wolves and brought to their leader Roost Anlon at Cullwoods Mill. After being saved by the Godwoken she taught them how to harness their Source powers by connecting with nature. Later she would leave unto the Temple of Tir-Cendelius on the Nameless Isle where she requested the Mother Tree's death, since she viewed her as weak and corrupt.

After the Nameless Isle sinks to the bottom of the ocean, she arrives with several other elves at Arx, preparing for war against the other races.

After the Divine returned, Saheila still plotted vengeance, however, she never put her plans into motion; being stopped by her mother Tovah and Sebille Kaleran, as a new Mother.

Interactions with player character[]

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Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Saheila has a unique entrance line for every origin character.
  • At Fort Joy, she provides a quest update for Lohse, however speaking with her trigger Lohse's demon and force Lohse to attack her.
    • Unless the Godwoken want to kill Saheila and the residents of the Caverns they should bring Lohse to low health without damaging anyone else (thus avoiding low attitude)
    • Killing Saheila gives 250 experience and drops unique body part: Saheila's Arm
  • At Cullwoods Mill Saheila briefly joins the party if they choose to help her escape. If she arrives safely to her tribe she will teach the party to harness Source. If Sebille is in the party, she has to say that she accepts her role as a Prime Scion, otherwise Saheila and other elves will attack her on spot.
  • At the Cathedral of Arx, she will want to speak with Sebille. If Sebille is asked about their conversation, she will claim that Saheila has gone insane

Related quests[]

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