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The eight-pointed star depicted on this finely-crafted amulet (considered heretical by the Church of the Seven) represents the Seven Gods and the one oversoul that unites them with humanity.

Saheila's Crest is a piece of armour in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


This is the first unique amulet found in the game, but it cannot be equipped until the Godwoken succeed in removing the Source Collar. The amulet is better used for characters dealing intelligence-based damage (casters or elemental melee) or stacking Lucky Charm. Note that resistances cannot be increased above 200%, so the poison resistance bonus will be lost on undead characters.


This amulet is acquired by helping Saheila's friend Amyro in Fort Joy. You must free him from the jail cell in Griff's Kitchen, by either finding the oranges he was accused of stealing, or by killing Griff and his thugs.

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