Sam is a merchant in Divinity II. He can be located at the Encampment on Sentinel Island.

Background Edit

Sam is the First Mate aboard Captain Hermosa's ship, which became shipwrecked upon Sentinel Island.

Despite being stranded along with the rest of the ship's crew, Sam happily trades items scrounged from the ship's cargo hull with the Dragon Knight.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Sam is one of two merchants located on Sentinel Island before the Battle Tower has been reclaimed, the other being Hermit.

Unique Items: Edit


Sam can be Mindread for 800 exp, lowering his prices and learning that he wants some Desert Root in order to make some tea. However, as Desert Root does not exist in the game, he must be given Earth Root instead.

There are two ways to complete this hidden quest:

  • Give him a regular Earth Root, causing him to lower his prices even further.


  • Give him Rotten Earth Root, which can be found in the Southeastern corner of Sentinel Island, guarded by some Creatures. Doing this will make him angry and cause him to raise his prices.