Sanctuary of Amadia (The Seeker's Hideout) Edit

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Also called The Shelter or The Seeker's Hideout.

The entrance can be found in the Hollow Marshes at x480 y31, where the NPC Bahara will stand on top of a ledge. Speak to her and she will drop the rolled up vines, allowing you to enter. 

There is a waypoint and a bunch of dealers here, as well as the NPC who will remove all of your party's collars.

NPC's to be found here:

  1. Bahara (x475 y30) - Marksman Dealer
  1. Exter (x448 y20) - Scoundrel Dealer
  2. Simone (x431 y49) - Hydrosophist Dealer
  3. Samadel (x428 y50) - Pyrokinetic Dealer
  4. Kerban (x431 y24) - Necromancer Dealer
  5. Leya & Duggan (x441 y17) - Will remove Source Collars if you've saved their leader Gareth.
  6. Gareth (wanders around in the hideout) - Geomancer & Warfare Dealer

Gareth will make camp near the shriekers if you tell him you have a wand or you have dealt with the shriekers already. See The Purged Dragon for more info. He will mark his rallying point on your map. If you speak to him there, he wants you to deal with the Magisters ahead while he and the others dodge the fight and steal a boat to the Lady Vengeance.