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No-stay back! Not another step closer if you want to live.

Sang is a magister located in Decrepit ruins in 1242 AD.


Magister Sang is a soldier sent by Dallis and Vredeman to retrieve artifacts of the Source King Braccus Rex from his armoury. Despite being warned about the cursed traps the group got cursed and most of them, save for Magister Sang, died in terrible pain on spot. 

When he is approached by Sourcerers he warns them about the traps and tells them about their mission. In the end he begs sourcerers for swift death, afraid of the fate that befell his comrades.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • If attacked he will not fight back.
  • He is under permanent effect of: "Decomposing" which makes all attempts at healing damage him instead.

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