The candles burn once more and at long last my spirit soars again.

Sassan is a concubine and former of servant of Laiken, ressurected by the Dragon Knight on Sentinel Island in 1300 AD.


Prior to her death Sassan was a reluctant demonic concubine in service to Laiken. Due to Laiken having "peculiar" tastes he manufactured an Undead Sassan.

When Laiken found that he needed "the blood of a loved one" to unlock the Battle Tower, he killed her and buried her remains on the beach of Sentinel Island.

On 1300 AD her spirit was summoned by the Dragon Knight, who had consequently ressurected her by returning her ring, which had been infused with Island's magic. Sassan had afterwards ran to the gate and enraged Laiken in order to remove the barrier preventing the Knight from entering the Battle Tower.

Once inside the Tower she helped the Knight defeat her undead copy as well as Razakel and her former master.

After the Knight defeated the Black Ring forces who besieged the Tower she stood in the private quarters behind the Throne Room. She briefly returned to the Throne Room after the Knight returned from Plane of Hypnerotomachia to tell them about the state of the Tower. She had done so, because she sensed that the Knight would be back, thanks to powers she gained after some time spent in death.

Interactions with player characterEdit

  • Supports the Knight during battle with Dead Sassan, Razakel and Laiken
    • Before battle with Laiken the Knight can request her to either
      • "Focus on healing"
      • "Summon every creature you can"
      • "Face Laiken head-on and don’t back down"
      • Note: Out of all three only healing is noticable
  • Provides information about the servants
  • She can serve as a merchant; However she has small amount of gold and has only a limited selection of jewelry (including the unique Elven Earrings and Darling Ring), and other items such as potions, charms, herbs, and formulas for sale.
  • Provides upgrades to Battle Tower after completing quests associated with them


Exp Thought Notes
At last! Hope for salvation!
During first meeting on Sentinel Island
I wonder if Erlking still keeps his writings around. There was some interesting magic to be found in them.
Inside Battle Tower
Prior to completing What's in a Name quest
You have gained new insights
Gain one atribute point
Prior to summoning Razakel
Exp Thought Notes
You have gained new insights
Gain one skill point
After summoning Razakel

Gallery Edit

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