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Don't listen to what she says. Her evil will slither into your brain through your ears. That's how they do it.

Sauer is a paladin guarding the entrance to lower cells section of Arx prison in 1242 AD.


Sauer is a paladin, who alongside paladin Alzette guard the entrance to section of the prison where Magisters keep Windego locked. She is afraid of Windego and considers her to be a demon rather than witch.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • She has to be persuaded in order to freely let Godwoken go to Windego
  • Attacking her will make all nearby paladins hostile
  • Killing her gives 38 800 experience
    • A Key can be looted/stolen from her

Merchant Inventory

Equipment Skills
Food Potions
Ingredients Miscellaneous

Related Quests[]

  • Mercy is Power - Sauer gives information about special prisoner named Windego and has to be persuaded to let Godwoken pass. She also starts the questline.

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