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Scarlett is a general in Divinity: Dragon Commander. She arrives on the Raven near the beginning of the game.


Scarlett was born to a house of noble standing but never fit in with them. She signed on to military service partially to get away from them.

Unlike the rest of the generals, Scarlett trusts in the Commander's abilities from the start. She also doesn't take her position too seriously, saying she's fine with whatever pay she gets so long as she can travel the world and blow things up.

At every opportunity, Scarlett champions gay rights, suggesting the Commander to side with Oberon to legalize gay marriage. This makes it less of a surprise when she ends her relationship with Henry and privately comes out as a lesbian to the Commander, who can choose to encourage her or adopt a 'don't-ask-don't-tell' policy. If the Commander encourages her, she will later begin going after an Elven noble and self-proclaimed 'witch hunter' for killing anyone he suspects of being gay.

After Henry's daughter is targeted by assassin's, Scarlett volunteers along with Catherine to help him.

Scarlett thinks Edmund is needlessly pretentious. She thinks Catherine is too formal, but also understands her noble upbringing. Scarlett's brief relationship with Henry was, she explained, part of trying to suppress her homosexuality, and after she came out they stayed friends.

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