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Scarlett and Roderick are the playable characters in Divinity: Original Sin.


Two generals who fought in the War of Wars against the Void Dragon and its hordes, they were revered by all who fought by their sides. So great was their the reverence, they were also blessed by the gods themselves. As the war came to its end, they continued to fight against the remnants of the Void Dragon's legions, against the requests of the politicians at the time.

Frustrated with the requests and sharing these frustrations between themselves, the two generals continued to fight on the front lines until one, feeling sovereignty as a curse departed in secret until approached by the goddess, Astarte who offered them the opportunity to guard the Godbox for eternity, a role they readily accepted.

Assuming their new role, they guarded the box until convinced by Trife to open it, releasing their nemesis once again. Fleeing the End of Time in disgrace and abandoning Astarte, they returned to the mortal realm and forgot their past; eventually joining the Order of the Source Hunters. In 4 AR, they were tasked with investigating the murder of Councillor Jake, the leader of Cyseal. Entering the scene of the murder in King Crab Inn, the two Source hunters encounter a Star Stone.

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