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The Black Ring is rife with splinter groups that wage wars amongst themselves as much and frequently as they do against their many enemies. One of these is the Scorpions, a particularly vicious band of warriors born and bred in the god-forsaken deserts of Yuthul Gor. Their dark accoutrement is of all-but-unrivalled quality and its vicious shapes are the last things beheld by the countless unfortunates who cross their path.

Scorpion Leggings is a special leggings in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Scorpion Leggings are special leggings and a component of the Scorpion Set, which is made out of two-handed sword, helmet, cuirass, gauntlets, leggings, bracelet, necklace and ring. It requires atleast level 18 in order to be worn. When worn the leggings will boost Ranged Armour Rating by 3 points and Spirit attribute by 5 points. The leggings have 2 enchantment slots. The default enchantments are Retribution Aura and Magic Damage Aura.

How to Obtain[]

It can be purchased from Sam in the Sentinel Island encampment on Sentinel Island.

Set Properties[]

Scorpion Leggings is a part of the set Scorpion Set which allows the item to gain additional, potentially increasing, properties the more items of the same set are worn. Scorpion Leggings primary increased attribute is Ranged Armour Rating, which is firstly gained by equipping 2 items from the set, and then increased by equipping more items from the set.

Set Items Equipped Set Bonus
1 Ranged Armour Rating + 0
2 Ranged Armour Rating + 2
3 Ranged Armour Rating + 3
4 Ranged Armour Rating + 4
5 Ranged Armour Rating + 5
6 Ranged Armour Rating + 6
7 Ranged Armour Rating + 7
8 Ranged Armour Rating + 8
9 Ranged Armour Rating + 9
10 Ranged Armour Rating + 10