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Scorpion Gauntlets

OBTAINED: Locked inside a plain wooden chest in the Primordial Cave, very near the platform from which you meet the Patriarch. The key is on a piece of wooden scaffolding in the back of the same room of the cave, in the opposite direction.

Scorpion Helmet

OBTAINED: Dropped by the head of the Dragon Terror Patrol, Tibus, in Dragon Cliff Castle. To fight them, complete the quest "Down the Hatch".

Scorpion Leggings

OBTAINED: Purchased from Sam in the Shipwreck Camp on Sentinel Island.

Scorpion Cuirass

OBTAINED: Purchased from Artemas in Dragon Cliff Castle in the Orobas Fjords.

Scorpion Belt

OBTAINED: In a large golden chest in Stone's flying fortress. This chest is on an altar on a small island in the northwestern part of the fortress. It is beneath the large island housing the fortress with the teleporter leading to

inside the anti-dragon barrier. The area glows blue, and there are large walls with faces on them looking at the chest. Difficult to describe, but very easy to find (look for the island with a lone Lightning Tower).

Scorpion Necklace

OBTAINED: In a large wooden chest west of the Beach Shrine on Sentinel Island.

This chest is locked with Mister Shiny, a key given as a reward for the Hermit's quest "From Soup to Nuts."

Scorpion Bracelet

OBTAINED: Dropped by the Imp Boss in the Imps' Lair in Orobas Fjords. It is inside the final room of the cave, and you suffer constant fire damage until he dies.

Scorpion Ring

OBTAINED: In a golden chest on the northern continent of Kali's flying fortress. This is found in an alcove on the southern side, on the lower tier of land. The area glows blue, so it is difficult to miss.

Scorpion Sword

OBTAINED: In a golden chest inside the Lost Tomb, as part of the quest "Grave Robbers". There are three levers to throw: one near the casket in the central area, one on some wooden scaffolding in the back of the tomb, and one behind some breakable crates, also in the back.