Scoundrel is one of the 8 skill schools in Divinity: Original Sin, focusing on subterfuge and usage of daggers.

Skills Edit

The bracket after the CD of each skill indicates the minimum cooldown (achieved when DEX is 15 or higher).

Tier Skill Description AP CD Min Dex Rec Abl Lvl
DOS EE Skill Adrenaline (DOS EE) Adrenaline Borrow Action Points from your next turn. (You'll have less Action Points to spend during your next turn.) 0 5(3) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Fast Track (DOS EE) Fast Track Become hastened for a short while. 2 12(10) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Lacerate (DOS EE) Lacerate Inflicts bleeding. Does 150% weapon (slashing) damage.
Requires a knife or dagger.
3 5(3) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Precise Incision (DOS EE) Precise Incision Weaken a target. Deals 150% weapon (slashing) damage.
Requires a knife or dagger.
3 5(3) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Trip (DOS EE) Trip Knock down a target. Deals X-Y crushing damage. 4 10(8) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Venomous Strike (DOS EE) Venomous Strike Poison your target. Deals 100% weapon (piercing) damage.
Requires a knife or dagger.
4 2 9 2
DOS EE Skill Walk in Shadows (DOS EE) Walk in Shadows Become one with the shadows. 3 10(8) 8 1
DOS EE Skill Winged Feet (DOS EE) Winged Feet Make yourself immune to surfaces, as if you were floating above them. 2 12(10) 9 2
DOS EE Skill Become Air (DOS EE) Become Air Only take half of all physical damage dealt to you. 3 10 3
DOS EE Skill Cloak and Dagger (DOS EE) Cloak and Dagger Teleport away, leaving behind a smoke screen. 4 12(9) 3
DOS EE Skill Daggers Drawn (DOS EE) Daggers Drawn Erupt with a barrage of stabs and cuts and deals 70% weapon (piercing) damage each strike (4 hits).
Requires a knife or dagger.
6 8(6) 11 3
DOS EE Skill Eye Gouge (DOS EE) Eye Gouge Blind a target. Does 100% weapon (piercing) damage.
Requires a knife or dagger.
4 10(8) 9 2
DOS EE Skill Wind-Up Toy (DOS EE) Wind-Up Toy Summon a level X bomb in a 3.0m radius for 30s. 2 10(8) 3
DOS EE Skill Coup De Grace (DOS EE) Coup De Grace Deal the killing blow to a target that's below 20% vitality.
Requires a knife or dagger.
10 5
DOS EE Skill Crawling Infestation (DOS EE) Crawling Infestation Plant a monstrous egg in a nearby target. 8 12 4
DOS EE Skill Shadow Step (DOS EE) Shadow Step Step through the shadows and attack a target from behind, dealing 100% weapon (piercing) weapon damage. Then go back to where you came from.
Requires a knife or dagger.
6 11(9) 12 4

∞) Can only be used once per combat.

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Adept Air Absorption ShieldHeadviceInvisibilitySummon Air ElementalTornado
Master Chain LightningMake InvisibleNetherswapStorm
Geomancer Novice Avatar of PoisonBlessBoulder BashFortifyMidnight OilSummon Spider
Adept Petrifying TouchEarth Absorption ShieldBlessed EarthMagical Poison DartTectonic SpraySummon Wolf
Master Deadly SporesEarthquakeSummon Earth ElementalSummon Poison Slug
Pyrokinetic Novice Avatar of FireBurn My EyesBurning TouchFlareFireflySelf-ImmolationWildfire
Adept ExplodeFire Absorption ShieldFireballPurifying FireSmokescreenSummon Fire Elemental
Master ImmolationInfectious FlameMeteor Shower
Hydrosophist Novice Avatar of FrostFreezing TouchRainRegenerationSlow Current
Adept Cleansing WaterIce ShardIce WallMass SlowSummon Ice ElementalWater Absorption ShieldWater of Life
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Master FlurryShackles of Pain
Expert Marksman Novice DoctorFirst AidRanged Precision StanceRanged Power StanceRicochetTreat PoisoningSplintered Arrow
Adept Absorb the ElementsBarrageFarseerInfectSurvivor's KarmaVampiric Arrow
Master Arrow SprayRain of ArrowsShrapnel Scatter
Scoundrel Novice AdrenalineFast TrackTripLaceratePrecise IncisionVenomous StrikeWinged FeetWalk in Shadows
Adept Become AirCloak and DaggerDaggers DrawnEye GougeWind-Up Toy
Master Coup De GraceCrawling InfestationShadow Step