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To be Godwoken is all well and good, but above all I've yet to find the Master. Somewhere further inland Roost Anlon breathes. All I have to do now is pick up his scent and make his last breath worth my while.
Sebille Kaleran

Searching the Shadows is a origin quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

Reaper's Coast[]

Nameless Isle[]

  • Let Sebille teach you her scar-song (required only as companion)
  • Kill the Shadow Prince

Detailed walkthrough[]

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  • 40 125 experience for killing the Shadow Prince
  • 10 020 experience for entering the Temple of Zorl-Stissa


  • The Red Prince has a unique dialogue option where he can give Sebille to the Shadow Prince. This will result in her permanently leaving the party and loosing all equipment and items on her.