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Hidden Notes are secrets that you may discover in different Divinity II locations. These notes are useful if you ate any of the talking vegetables and can no longer pull the three levers required to dispel the magical barrier protecting the Forbidden Archive at the Prancing Seahorse for the quest Seahorse Salad.

Although the notes may appear to be randomly placed, you can collect hints on their Divinity II locations from two NPCs. Dialog selection for the hints is available only after a vegetable has been eaten. The notes disappear from your inventory, or the location where they are found, once the barrier to the Forbidden Archive has been lifted (either by using the pedestal or the levers).

Hints Edit

Mr. Canvas can be found hanging on a wall on the entry level of the Prancing Seahorse.You can inquire about an alternative method for accessing the forbidden archives. He will refer you to Valeri, another member of the Prancing Seahorse.
Valeri can be found walking from rune to rune on the path to Lanilor Lane. After speaking to Mr. Canvas, Valeri will disclose the names of three NPCs where notes have been hidden. Valeri uses the mnemonic device ABC to refer to each NPC: "A" refers to Augustus, "B" to Bernard, and "C" to Chanelle. The assumption is these NPCs are unaware these notes reside in their residence since no new dialog selections appear for each NPC.

Divinity II locations Edit

The first note is hidden on top of a bookshelf at the Ministry in the Great Market district. You will need to jump on top of the bookshelf to retrieve the note.
The second note is hidden behind Bernard's desk in his room at the Healers' House in the Great Market district.
The third and final note is hidden in a corner next to a shelf in Chanelle's bedroom at Chez Chanelle on Lanilor Lane.

Decoded NotesEdit

The Hidden Notes form the messages: 1-1, 2-6, 3-8

(The first digit indicates the order, and the second digit the code.)

This means the door code for the Forbidden Archives is 1-6-8.