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Secrets are similar to quests as they can involve finding hidden items or completing a task for rewards.

List of Secrets (unfinished)[]

Ego Draconis[]



Broken Valley[]

Sentinel Island[]

Battle Tower[]

Orobas Fjords[]

Flames of Vengeance[]

Minor Secrets[]

  • In the Maxos Temple, at the stairwell that leads down to the Crypt, there is a locked chest. This chest can be opened with enough levels in Lockpicking, but can also be opened using a key found on top of the chandelier in the center of the stairwell. BE WARNED: picking up the key after you have already opened the chest with Lockpicking will permanently leave the key in your inventory.
  • There's a chest in the second set of rooms in Maxos' Temple, that can't be opened (kind of buried?)