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For The Seekers of the New Order in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga, see The New Order.
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The Seekers are a division of the Divine Order.


A division of the Divine Order, the Seekers are a semi-ecclesiastical military order, whose goal was to find and protect the Godwoken whom they would nurture and teach until they would be able to become Divine One. This order was "disbanded" by Alexandar and Dallis after the mistake, Karon committed a massacre at Arx Cathedral sometime between 1234 and 1242 AD.

As of 1242 AD they are considered as rebels who refuse to acknowledge Alexandar as the only possible candidate for Divinity. They are actively and in secret searching for Godwoken and helping them escape the clutches of the Lone Wolves, the Magisters and the Voidwoken.

Notable Members[]