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Sentinel Island is the island that the Dragon Slayer is teleported to from Maxos Temple.


The Island was first inhabited by the Dragon Elves who were created as the guardians of this Island, which holds immense magical powers only usable by the Dragons which later came here. Now the Dragon Elves are cruel and savage, driven mad by Laiken's cruel reign, making them the most numerous inhabitants.

When this island is encountered by The Dragon Slayer they will find the Battle Tower which is ruled by the powerful necromancer Laiken, aided by his abominations and the bandits, which kill and kidnap the survivors of the sinking ships. They deliver the corpses to Laiken who uses them for his dark experiments.

Through a series of quests Laiken's former concubine, Sassan is resurrected, who aids the Slayer with breaking into the tower and defeating Laiken setting up residence in his tower making it your "headquarters". At this point, the island will great the Slayer itself and ask that they select four servants to serve under them out of a possible eight (there are two choices per position)


Notable inhabitantsEdit

Battle Tower servantsEdit

Name Job Speciality # Battle Tower upgrades
Barbatos Alchemist Being better than Allan 3
Allan Alchemist Allan Brew 3
Radcliff Enchanter Weapon Enchantments 1
Wesson Enchanter Armor Enchantments 2
Igor Necromancer Poison and Magical Resistance 3
Jonelath Necromancer Physical Resistance 3
Kenneth Skill Trainer Magical Training 3
Hermosa Skill Trainer Physical Training 3

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List of all the people found on Sentinel IslandEdit

Possible Character Selection ChartEdit

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