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Be welcome, Dragon Knight, to Sentinel Island: the home of Dragons of old, now a harbour of horror and insanity.

Sentinel Island is the island that the Dragon Slayer is teleported to from Maxos Temple in 1300 AD.


Before being inhabited by any, the Island had been around since the earliest days of Rivellon. Its consciousness born out of the Source that had been dwelling within it. [1]

This magic drew ancient dragons to its shores and were the only race who could eventually master its magic. To protect the Island, Dragons created Dragon Elves, who possessed their strength but not intelligence.[2]

After dragons started to disappear wyverns flew to its shores. At one point in time Maxos, built the Battle Tower which was his home following the Tower's establishment the Island lived in perfect symbiosis with Maxos' magic, since he could control atleast a fraction of it. [3]

However eversince Maxos disappeared, necromancer Laiken conquered the Battle Tower and the Island, disgusted by him, began to wilt. Laiken's undead beasts and experiments began to prowl the island alongside the Dragon Elves who, over the centuries lost of his rule, lost their sanity.

Laiken who had taken advantage of the Island's magic errected a barrier to prevent anyone from manually entering it, and started to hijack ships in order for his bandits to bring him new living lab-rats and corpses for experiments.

As of 1300 AD the Island is now inhabited by those who survived hijacking of the Starbound ship[4], occasional Hermit and few souls that had been summoned by Island itself in order to potentionally serve the Dragon Knight.

After the Knight had ressurected Sassan, and conquered the Battle Tower, Damian launched an attack on the Island. Covering the land with Deathfog and killing all except those who were near or within the tower itself.

Interactions with player character Edit

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  • The Island approaches the Knight twice, once after entering the Island and second time after completing the quest The Prophecy
Exp Thought Notes
1400 (debt is instantly erased)
You wish to know my thoughts? Your mind would melt were I to show you all. But I’ll bestow you with a fraction, because your betterment suits my purposes.
Gain 1 level
Aren’t we hungry for my power? Good! You’ll need it in this cheerless palace and I give it to you freely.
+ 1 Skill point


Notable inhabitantsEdit

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