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The Sentinel Island Encampment is an encampment on Sentinel Island.


The Encampment was constructed by the marooned survivors of Captain Hermosa's ship, the Starbound, when it was transported to and ran aground on Sentinel Island.


The camp is surrounded by crude wooden fortifications, with a central entrance protected by two guards, Pedro and Biscoe.

Within the encampment there are several tents belonging to the camp's inhabitants. Sam, the Starbound's first mate, hangs around one of these tents, where he sells equipment he has scavenged from the ship's cargo hold. Radcliff, one of the enchanter candidates, can be located nearby at his makeshift smithy.

The stern of the Starbound lies upon the north-eastern side of the camp, has been converted into a shelter for Hermosa, the ship's captain and one of the skill trainer candidates.

On the eastern side of the camp is a beach, where Turgoyn the maritime historian can be found. Barbatos, one of the alchemist candidates, can also be found here.

Past the southern wall of the camp there is the skeleton of a large Whale. If Elfrith is Mindread, a small box containing random loot will spawn atop the Whale's skull.

To the east of the camp is the Barrier Shrine and a magical barrier which prevents the Dragon Knight from approaching the Battle Tower until the quest Breaking an Entry.

Kenneth, the other skill trainer candidate, has made camp further south of the encampment. Near Kenneth's camp the skill trainer totem will emerge, awaiting the Dragon Knight's choice.

Notable inhabitants[]

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