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Sepp is a  character that is first met in Farglow . Later, he can be found on top of the building in Champion Harbour. He runs the zeppelin that can take you to Aleroth.


Sepp is a Champion responsible for arranging Zeppelin transport in 1300 AD, including transporting the player from Rivertown's Dragon Slayer Academy to Farglow, Broken Valley and later Aleroth.

Sepp's fate following Damian's attack on Champion Harbour is unknown. He is normally stationed in Rivertown so it's possible he survived.

Interactions with player character[]


* You need to speak to him if you wish to travel to Aleroth from Orobas Fjords (the quest On The Road Again must be completed) 


You have gained new insights
Award you 1,500 EXP

Related quests[]

  • On The Road Again - The Knight must have the zeppelins fixed if they wish to travel to Aleroth