Servus (D2 FoV character)


Servus is a Champion who can be found on guard duty at the Ministry in the Great Market district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Servus is in a predicament when he is first met. It seems that his wife, Alina, is condescending, emasculating, and has a bad temper. Yet he loves her so. He has been on duty since the undead began to rise in Crow's Nest, and he fears for her safety. Torn between his love and his fear of hanging at the gallows for desertion if he abandons his post to go looking for her, he asks for your help. He'd like you to go to Servus and Alina's House in Crow's Nest, and check up on her for the quest Damsel In Distress.

Mindread Edit

Servus can be mindread for 22500 exp to reveal "Here I am on guard without my good warhammer. Left it on my bed. Stupid."

This causes Servus' Warhammer to spawn on his bed at Servus and Alina's House in Crow's Nest.

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