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Servus and Alina's House is a modest home in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth belonging to the Champion Servus and his wife Alina in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. It is located next to the Sewer Tunnels entrance, across the road from Henry and Eleanor's House, in the southwest area of the district.


Entrance & Rescuing Alina[]

Inside the house you'll encounter level 39 Foul-smelling Walking Dead undead creatures. Follow the hallway to the west, and you'll soon come across your objective for the quest Damsel In Distress, a woman named Alina who pleads for your help. Kill the nearby undead and she thanks you before fleeing to the Ministry.

Concealed Room[]

There is a conspicuous bloodstain leading from where Alina was to a wall on the southern side of the hallway (it may be difficult to see, or be confused for a shadow, depending on your graphics settings). Near where the stain abruptly stops, on the wall behind the curtain, you'll find a lever (#3 on map below). Using it opens the wall, revealing a secret room. You'll find an unlocked chest containing random loot, and Alina's Notes on a desk at the far end of the room. Reading her notes reveals that she has been experimenting with teleportation, and that the nearby corpse was stolen from Dr. West and used in the pentagram drawn in blood for a ritual to produce a Teleporter Stone. Search the corpse to acquire it, and head into the next room (immediately to the west).


Place the Teleporter Stone on the control panel to activate the teleporter. Step into the teleporter and you'll end up behind the locked gate, in the bedroom. Here you'll find a lockpickable chest next to the teleporter, and an unlocked chest in the northwest corner. Both contain random loot. If you've mindread Servus at the Ministry, you'll also find Servus' Warhammer on the bed.



  • Foul-smelling Walking Dead (level 39)