The Sewer Tunnels is a location under the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth that can be explored during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. The entrance is located between Servus and Alina's House and Henry and Eleanor's House, in the southwest area of the district. One of the five handles that must be activated for the quest Rune Handles is located on the exterior wall of the entrance.


Tunnels & Storage RoomEdit

This small section of sewer tunnels is free of undead, but beware of the poisonous water that flows through here. Proceed north from the Crow's Nest entrance, picking the five Farhangite plants and pulling the three small levers along the way (see map below for Divinity II locations). You can reach the levers without falling in the water by standing on the edge. Activating the three levers opens the locked east gate, allowing you to enter the storage room. Loot the unlocked chest in the southwest corner of the storage room for random loot, and the unlocked chest in the northeast corner of the room for the Order of the Viper Leggings (part of the Order of the Viper armor set) and more random loot.

Dwayne & JoramsonEdit

Exit the storage room and open the unlocked door to the west room. Here you'll find an odd combination: a kitchen and jail. When you step inside you'll encounter Dwayne (level 39), who reveals that he killed the healer Otto and served him to Sir Gula as meat pie. You enter combat after the conversation, and immediately begin dialogue with the healer Joramson afterwards. Free him from his cell, then loot the Sewer Hatch Key from Dwayne's remains. The key unlocks the nearby sewer hatch, leading to the previously inaccessible area behind the counter of Alzbeta's Emporium on Lanilor Lane. Before going up there, loot the unlocked chest in a jail cell along the north wall, and the locked chest near the table along the south wall for more random loot.