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Shocking Touch is a Aerotheurge skill in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II.


A short range shock attack that has the potential to stun the target. Unlike Lightning Bolt, it cannot be directly applied to surfaces, however it can cause surfaces below a physical target to become electrified.

Original SinEdit

Shocking Touch can be utilised with a single point in the Aerotheurge skill tree to any target within a 3m range; however, the Far Out Man talent extends this range. In the classic version, there is a 100% chance to set stunned, this is reduced in the enhanced edition to 80%. Targets with the Wet effect have a 30% increase in the chance to be stunned. The stun change is reduced by the target's Willpower.

Original Sin 2Edit

Shocking Touch's stun change has been restored to 100%, but unlike the previous game, it will be unable to stun the target if the target has any Magic Armour after the attack has been unleashed.

Locations Edit


Ingredient 1: Sheet of paper + Ingredient 2: Air essence + Ingredient 3: Flour
Produces: Shocking touch scroll

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