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This quest begins after entering Forlorn Cave, which is located in a cove underneath Sassan's Tombstone. The player character can either pick sides with either Adah or Mahalath, or simply defeat them both.


  • If you pick sides with Adah who fights with the Dragon Elves:
  1. Speak with Adah. She tells you to find some Fake Red Ore from a shipwreck.
  2. Find the Fake Red Ore to the north of the encampment, the location is in the screen shot to the right.
  3. Bring Fake Red Ore back to Adah.
  4. Go to Mahalath and sabotage her machine by using the sentences, "I had some red ore to spare, so..." and "I stole it from Laiken's troops."
  5. Return to Adah and complete the quest.
  • If you pick sides with Mahalath who fights with the Walking Armors:
  1. Speak with Mahalath. She tells you to find some Wolfsbane Poison from a shipwreck.
  2. Find the Wolfsbane Poison just north of where Allan is located, the location is in the screen shot to the right.
  3. Bring the Wolfsbane back to Mahalath.
  4. Take the Dragon Elf to Adah and say the sentences, "I saved him from the evil clutches of your sister." and "I told her Laiken wants the best legions he can get, so no cheating.".
  5. Return to Mahalath to complete the quest.

If you pick sides with yourself and challenge them both:

  • By claiming the player's side the stronger will earn their hostility,prompting them to attack the player on spot. This is the quickest way to end the quest (and many potions if the player has weak Magic Armor Rating, for both sides sport a considerable amount of magicians ; both Dragon Elf and Walking Armor)
  • Defeating both armies will net the player considerable amount of experience, and loot. Both Adah and Mahalath may drop charms or/and equipment ranging from rare to legendary.


  • If at any point during trying to persuade Adah or Mahalath goes wrong they, and all of their pets, will attack you.
  • Killing either will earn the player the ire of another,and will attack the player automatically once the conversation ended.
  • Both quest items can be collected before the quest.
  • Acquired both quest items (ore and poison) before the quest will see the removal from the inventory if you choose not to side with either. However, if you siding with either sister, of the two quest items, one will remain bugged/unremovable from your inventory.
  • The Dragon Elf caged in one of the sisters den will attack you and cannot be targeted if you killed both s sisters. A summoned creature can "take care of it".


Default: 1875 exp and 400 gold

Extra: Random Magical Items.