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Simeon, a blind philosopher, has asked me to retrieve two malachite gems for him so that he may see again. The problem is that these gems are so very rare, it will not be easy to find a couple. And even if I do find them, they will be worth a lot of gold...

Sight for Sore Eyes is a side quest given by Simeon in the Orobas Fjords in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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After acquiring the dragon form, fly from the Grand Knight waypoint shrine to the closest teleporter near the second waterfall. There you will find Simeon sitting atop a stone pillar. Speak with Simeon and he will ask you to find and bring him 2 Malachite Gems (not Malachite Ore!) in order to restore his eyesight.

The gems can be obtained by either finding a malachite ore vein or by completing quests. Most notable options to obtain the gems. One of the options is completing the quest The Horror of High Hall where you can receive up to 4 Malachite gems as a reward. More gems can be found at the end of the Well Cave near Zagan at High Hall.

Another option is to complete the quest Reaping the Seeds in order to access deeper parts of the Primordial Cave where 2 malachite ore veins are located.

After acquiring 2 malachite gems return to Simeon who will reward you.


Ego Draconis[]

  • Default: 7500 experience, 2 skill points
  • Extra : 1560 gold or random Legendary Items.

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 6000 experience, 1000 gold and two skill points.
  • Extra (2 choices): 3000 experience, 500 gold, 1 Emerald, 5 random ore, 10 random herbs, 1 clean-cut limb, 1 random Heroic quality weapon and 3 random greater quality potions
  • Achievement: Turn a Blind Eye


  • The amount of gems taken from Malachite veins is random. Saving before interacting and targeting the veins is recommended in order to get most out of them.