Simeon is located in the Orobas Fjords by the Camp Tiberius portal. He gives the quest Sight For Sore Eyes.

You have to use Dragon form to find and reach Simeon. When you first enter Orobas Fjords, head down to the beach and turn into a Dragon. Examine the cliff faces until you spot a ledge with a teleporter shrine and a couple of broken pillars. When you return to human form on the ledge, Simeon will appear sitting on one of the pillars.

Mind reading Simeon only yields some dialogue about him being able to see the stars in the sky.

Simeon asks for 2 malachite gems in order to, in conjunction with a spell, restore his eyesight. If you decide to help him out he talks to you "for a whole day and night" and you receive 2 skill points. well worth the 2 gems.

Reference to Symeon Star-Eyes, a mythical character from George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series of books.