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Siva is a Lizard who lives in Driftwood in 1242 AD.


Originally a gifted student of House of Dreams, Siva had left her studies in the Ancient Empire to serve the Divine in the war against the Black Ring. During the war Lucian had her promoted to the rank of a Meistr, the wizard sage. Her rise to the title of the meistr was marked with her cold and calculating intelligence and brutal methods which saved more lives than they cost.[1]

After the war Siva had enganged in the domain of politics where she had earned more enemies than allies, since her attitude seemed to grate on nerves of everyone around her, to her pleasure.[1]

Once the godwoken began to present themselves to the order, she took charge of the Seekers. Together with seekers she attempted to teach and rise potential divines, until Karon, commonly known as "The Mistake", massacred people at the Cathedral of Arx. With this event seekers were disbanded and Siva disgraced.[1]

As of 1242 AD. Siva had been hung, on Dallis's orders, from the gallows outside of Driftwood, partially purged and left in a weakened state until the Hammer herself would arrive to deal the final purge.

Once released by the Godwoken and upon returning to her home in Driftwood proper, Siva assists the Godwoken by teaching them how to expand their Source capacity, unlock further abilities and directs the Godwoken to those who can teach them further; in her terminally weakened state she is unable to teach them how to unlock their powers fully.

By this stage, Siva is not far from the Hall of Echoes and passes away shortly after (or is purged through Source Vampirism if the Godwoken elects to do so).

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Development References[]

  • Meistr Siva was written by video game writer Stephen Rooney who also wrote Fane alongside Chris Avellone [2]