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Yes...looks like that collar fits you snugly enough. Nice bit of work, even if I do say so myself.

Siwan is a Magister on board the Merryweather in 1242 AD.


One of the lead magisters aboard the ship, Siwan is responsible for collaring the Sourcerers as they are transported to Reaper's Eye. She has also been having issues with ship discipline, with other magisters ignoring protocol for the sake of convenience.

After Windego unleashes Source magic whilst they are traveling the seas, unleashing voidwoken in the process, Siwan is fatally wounded and dies in the ship's hold as it is plunged into the depths by the Kraken.

Interactions with Player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Every origin character has unique dialogue option with Siwan when she asks them to demonstrate their Source powers.

Related quests[]

  • Hot Under The Collar - Siwan explains the function of the collar and does provide and update for the quest
  • Troubled Waters - Siwan will direct the Godwoken to see Magister William, who will register them on the ships manifest. After the voidwoken attack the ship, the Godwoken can attempt to save her, resulting in the ship sinking with them still inside.