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Conditions Edit

This quest is unlocked by mind reading Dana, entering Carl's storage and reading his journal. You have learned that Carl killed the man Dana was having an affair with and buried him on his farm. You can either give this information to Rodney or confront Carl.

Steps Edit

  • If you side with Rodney, he will arrest Carl and you will receive a default reward of 450 exp and a choice between 320 gold or a random (Magical) Jewelry item.
  • If you confront Carl and demand a bribe to stay quiet he will pay you 50 gold. If you assert that it is not enough, he will attack you. He is level 5. After you kill him, you will get a default reward of 300 exp and a choice between a low-level ring or 160 gold. You can also loot his body for Jackson's Amulet. If you slay Carl before you turn in A Private DeliveryDana will be run away and stay at Derk's house, regretting what happened.
  • If you confront Carl and decide not to let anyone know, you will hand back the diary and receive 450 Exp and a choice of a random piece of loot or 160 gold.

Rewards Edit

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